Ghana-Israel Political Infatuation for Secularists Ideologies: Both nations playing Ostriches, Carmelion and Mayfly leadership 

Ghana-Israel Political Infatuation for Secularists Ideologies: Both nations playing Ostriches, Carmelion and Mayfly leadership

Each of the said country harvests grapes from thorns and thistles. Both have been desregarding their God-given marketable asset for national development. Their prophets have told them, ‘Jesus Christ is the glory of the respective nations (Luke 2:32,34), yet, they will oppose Him’. For Israel, Christ is their tourism emblem and Ghana_ mission institutions drive our nation, yet, both nations have been infatuated by secularists transient political Ideologies.

All the successive leaders of our beloved country (Ghana) have exibited the attitude of the ungrateful wife toward Christianity: unrealistic demands, flirtatious conduct and transient romance have been the immutable posture of our political leaders.

Undoubtedly, the successes of every people depend on their ability to discover and apply their easy marketable resources_ that is what engenders development at every sphere of life. Unfortunately, leadership cecity is what disarms them from acknowledging that which works for Ghana.

When Paul and his missionary team were moving to Europe, (Act 16:9: ..come over to Macedonia and help) they only had with them scrolls (Books or Library) and Puritans moving to America had the same scrolls of the Bible (libraries _education) that was the springboard for Europeans national destinies. What and who control national education is paramount to national development. And the holders (Paul and Puritans) took their unflinching allegiance to this Holy Bible and with it made their indelible marks in the western history and culture in 2000 years back. Whenever Christians control education, they produce: Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Yale, Brown etc. The said institutions have raised the finest, discoverers, inventers and visionaries (politics, sciences, art, religions, technologies, law and commers) in world’s history. Typically, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jonathan Edward and John Wesley, have played the role of catalists for their generations, even the unborn. That is the track records of the people of the Holy Scriptures.

Below are some of the biblical values and ethics for national governance:

1. Hands that don’t work must not eat (hard work).

2. For lack of knowlege people perish (education).

3. Without vision people are cast restraint (orientation).

4. Who can build anything without planing (strategy).

5. Obey your leaders (loyalty).

6. The king doesn’t bear the sword for nothing (rule of law).

7. Using your talents for profitability (individual endowment)

8. Thou shall not steal (integrity).

9. The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, And it is in kings’ palaces (expertise)

10. Give what is God’s to God and what is Ceasar’s to Ceasar (spirituality and nationalism), etc.

Undisputably, the only indigenous Ghanaian institutions that have put our nation on the map of the world are The Pentecost and Lighthouse Churches.

Even false prophets have built Churches, schools, TV/Radio stations and huge properties with workers in Ghana, so, anytime you see some insignificant people on football park or classroom praying, don’t underestimate them, give them the next 20 years, they will start building national monuments like: universities, high schools, TV/radio stations, hospitals, orphanages and other businesses with huge employment, regardless they are false or true prophets of Christianity. Central, Christian Service, Vallyview and all the main Christian Denominations are now blazing the trail for private university education in Ghana. Both Israel and Ghana should acknowledge that they were created to divine role model for secular/pagan nations of the world.

When the missionaries arrived in Ghana with thier Bibles, our traditional religious leaders had been here for centuries with their antithetical approach to national development, such as impracticable structures for societal development, intimidation of fellows with local gods and awckward traditions and tales, these were not unique to only Africans but Westerners and Oriental world as well. It’s only the mayflies that claim paganism as their heritage.

If Arabs have chosen Islam, Israelis_ Judaism, Chinese_ Budhism, Indians_ Hinduism, Wetsterners_ Christianity, then, Ghana should not unwisely continuine to play the ostrich, carmelion and mayfly with Christianity.

Hungary has taken the bull by the horn in their recent resptrospective decision to their national development (applying biblical and Christian Values) which has always been the foundation of European history and culture (the synthetic meniature for the rest of other nations, especially, China). From Palliament to Cathedral and Palace to Law Court, Christianity has worked for Ghana. If Ghana will imitate Hungary, our story would be sumarised by the following Scriptures,

Matthew 13:31-32

“…the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed planted in a field (world) it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of all garden trees, in its branches the birds (people of the world) of the world perch.”

It is the fear of God and righteousness that bring prosperity and peace to every nation.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong!



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