Police Officer, 3 others arrested for robbery

Police Officer, 3 others arrested for robbery

Today’s Frontpages in Ghana: Friday March 24, 2023

A POLICE officer and three others have been arrested for allegedly robbing K3,400 from a Lusaka resident.

And the police command has sounded a warning that it will not shield any officer found abusing the uniform to commit crimes.

In a statement, police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said the incident occurred when the victim was stopped by the suspects who were driving a white Toyota Allion bearing registration number BCF 622 and was ordered to enter their car.

He said the suspects allegedly introduced themselves as police officers as one of them had a police radio.

“Police in Lusaka arrested four suspected criminals in connection with the Robbery that occurred in Lusaka recently.

Police were investigating a robbery that occurred on March 14, 2023 around 12 hours were a man only identified as Zewelanji Phiri was robbed of money amounting to K3,400 in Kamwala trading Area,” he said.

Mr Mwale said following the description of the motor vehicle and the suspects by the victim, Police intercepted the motor vehicle in Kamwala Trading area and managed to apprehend the suspects who were driving the Toyota Allion bearing the same details as earlier reported by the victim.

He said four suspects were apprehended including one who is believed to be a Police officer.

Mr Mwale said the suspect identified was in full Zambia Police Service uniform and further investigations to formally identify him have heightened.

And Mr Mwale said the Police Command will never shield any of its officer found abusing the uniform or equipment.

He said those found in contravention with the law will be firmly dealt with and made to answer for their actions.

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