Female Pastor found dead inside her Ex boyfriend’s wardrobe

Pastor Elizabeth Githinji and Mirugi Dishon

Female Pastor found dead inside her Ex boyfriend’s wardrobe

Police in Kenya are investigating a gospel singer over the death of a female pastor whose body was found in his house.

Reports say pastor Elizabeth Githinji was Mirugi Dishon’s ex-lover and she had visited him on Saturday, March 18, 2023, in Kahawa West to resolve issues with him when she was allegedly killed.

“They had some issues though they had not known each other for long. She left Nakuru for Nairobi with the hope of having a word with Mirugi to make things right,” a police detective is quoted to have said.

Before her tragic death, the woman of God allegedly sent a text message to a relative lamenting that Dishon was threatening to kill her.

The gospel singer is reported to now be in a romantic relationship with another woman said to be a manager at a Real Estate company.

He told police that he had left his house shortly after Githinji visited, to run an errand. According to him, before he left, the now-deceased offered to wash some of his clothes, but when he returned to the house he could not locate her. He searched the house only to find her lifeless body dangling in his wardrobe with a bedsheet around her neck.

He then put the corpse in his car and started roaming from one police station to the other but the officers did not accept his narrative, fearing he might have tampered with the crime scene.

Dishon is now a prime suspect assisting police in investigating the death of pastor Githinji.

Meanwhile, a whistleblower, Simon Mwangi Muthiora told that the deceased sent a message to her sister on that fateful day about how Dishon was allegedly attempting to kill her.

“She had invested a lot of money in the musician and now it’s believed he wanted her out of the way so that he can proceed with the new woman,” Muthiora told the news website.

All fingers remain crossed to see what the police investigation will unravel.

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