Residents cry as unknown people break tombs, leaving bad smell in the area

Residents cry as unknown people break tombs, leaving bad smell in the area

The residents of Dormaa Ahenkro staying closer to the public cemetery in recent times have started experiencing strange scents from the cemetery.

Speaking to Hon. Thomas Nsia Yaw, the Assembly Member for Broniasua electoral area in the Dormaa Municipality in an interview on High Radio Morning Show dubbed High Morning Breeze, the assembly member whose electoral area is much affected and close to the cemetery confirmed that they started experiencing some bad scent some two weeks ago indicating that the scent was reported to have come from the cemetery which for some time now has been closed to the inhabitants of the area as a result of continuous entombment of corpses.

He noted that he went to the cemetery and has seen about 10 to 15 graves being open with the mission for the unfortunate incident unknown.

Residents cry as unknown people break tombs

He added that he has officially reported the case to the presiding member of the Assembly for further actions to be taken.

The Assembly member explained that similar incidents occurred in the same Cemetery about 2 years ago which took the intervention of Nananom, the Assembly, and other stakeholders to put a stop to the unpleasant situation adding that the current reasons behind the breaking of some tombs are not known hence the leaders of the assembly will ensure due diligence to arrest the perpetrators because they are putting human life in danger as they continue to breathe in the bad odor of the smelling corpse from the opened tombs.

On the Security issues of the cemetery, Hon. Thomas explained that the security guard at the cemetery kicked the bucket about two years ago and it has been extremely difficult to replace him since all efforts to get a new cemetery guide by Nananom and the assembly have proven futile.

Residents cry as unknown people break tombs

He said the assembly is still on talking terms with some people to ensure they get someone to guard the cemetery to prevent these nation wreckers from causing harm to people’s tombs which keeps affecting the health of the living.

The Assembly member blamed the unfortunate happenings on scrap dealers indicating that they have taken over the cemetery and the entire Dormaa township removing iron rods from buildings and the tombs and other metallic objects.

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