JHS 2 (Basic 8) Lesson Notes 2023 all weeks | Download Here

JHS 2 (Basic 8) Lesson Notes 2023 all weeks | Download Here

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This page contains samples of the 2023 lesson plan for Basic 8 First Term in PDF/word format.

The documents provided on this page are for educational purposes only.

JHS 2 ( Basic 8).

Week one (1)

Career Technology – Home Economics- Week 1

Creative Art and Design -week 1

Career Technology-Pre Tech Week1


English Language week1

Ghanaian Language week1

Mathematics week1

Physical Health Education week1

RME week 1

Int. Science week 1

Social Studies week1


JHS 3 (Basic 9) Lesson notes for 2023 all weeks || Download Now

Week two (2)

CAD week2

Career technology- home economics week2

Career technology Pre technical week2

Computing week2

English language week2

GH language week2

Mathematics week2

Physical Health Education week2

RME week2

Social studies week2


Week three (3)

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CAD week3


Career technology-Home economics werk3


Career technology-Pre Technical week3


Computing week3


English language week3


GH language week3


Mathematics week3


Physical health education week 3




RME week3


Int. Science week3


Social studies week3


Week Four (4)



CAD week4


Career technology Home economics week4


Career technology-Pre Tech week4


Computing week4


English language week4


GH language week4


Mathematics week4


Physical health education week4




RME week4


Int. Science week4


Social studies week4


JHS 1 (Basic Seven 7) Term one Sample Lesson Plans/Notes 2023 (All weeks)|| Download Now


Week Five (5)



CAD week5


Career technology Home Education week5


Career technology Pre Tech week5


Computing week5


English language week5


GH language week5


Mathematics week5



Physical Health Education week5


RME week5


Int. Science week5


Social studies week5


Week Six (6)


CAD week6


Career technology Home economics week6


Career technology Pre Tech week6


Computing week6


English language week6


GH language week6


Mathematics week6



Physical health education week6


RME week6


Int. Science week6


Social studies week6



Week seven (7)


CAD week7


Career technology week7


Computing week7


English language week7


Social studies week7


Int. Science week7


RME week7


Mathematics week7



GH language week7


Week 8


Social studies week 8


Int. Science week 8


R. M. E Week 8


GH Language week 8


CAD week 8


Career Technology week 8


Computing week 8


Physical health education week 8


English language week 8


Week Eight 9


CAD week 9


CT Home economics week 9


CT Pre technical week 9


Computing week 9


English language week 9


GH language week 9


Mathematics week 9


P E week 9


R M E week 9


Int. Science week 9


Social studies week 9

Download the lesson notes here


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