How a man used an avocado to rob two banks in Israel | See the trick

How a man used an avocado to rob two banks in Israel | See the trick

It was interesting how a man robbed almost $8,000 from two banks whiles carrying an avocado disguised as a grenade. It was reported that the 47 year old man threatened the cashier of having a grenade which was actually an avocado painted black and looked like a grenade before making off with the money.

It was reported that, the man first went to the southern city of Beersheba in Israel and handed the cashier a misspelled words demanding the cashier hand over the money. But the cashier hesitated, and the man threatened to throw the grenade if she refused which the cashier complied and the man went away with the money.

But it was reported that five days later, he used the same tactics to rob another bank. But after the police tracked him down and caught him, it was revealed that he had a criminal record of robbing.

And, the police found out that, it was avocado he used to rob almost all his victims in Israel.

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