Chereponi: 5 including 16-year-old girl dead in gun battle

Chereponi: 5 including 16-year-old girl dead in gun battle

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The Northern belts of most West African countries always serve as a hot zone for the easy spark of conflict in the continent.

The Nanumba-Kokomba riot, Boko Haram amongst a few other disturbing conflict related incident all emanated from the Northern belt of both Ghana and Nigeria.

That notwithstanding, there are people from the same region who are very peaceful and have high regards for the Rule of Law in the country.

In the late hours of Thursday,February 23rd 2023, there was a reported gun battle that ensued between two feuding factions at Wenchiki in the Chereponi District following the installation of a new Nagbandi Chief.

This area has witnessed past encounters from two dominant tribes in the area thus between the Kokombas and Chokosis.

This conflict in times past attracted dawn-to-dusk curfews from a joint police-military task force but this conflicting factions still managed to engage in gun fights that took the life of many from both factions.

In the current encounter, it has let to the unfortunate loss of life of 5 inhabitants which includes a 16 year old girl, Security personnel and other 3 inhabitants.

DSP Tanko in an interview with the media said” we have beefed up security in the area because we have to dominate the place and take over the area from the feuding factions to prevent further loss of life”

”The terrain is quiet different but officers are ready to protect life and property at all cost but they also have to help the situation by being law abiding “he ended.

This heartbreaking incident has caused fear and panic in both public health workers and teachers within the district as a result has caused them to seek refuge in the police station.

The police has since arrested 10 persons for their alleged involvement in the scuffle yesterday.

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