Adum PZ: Couple attacks preacher for allegedly preaching against them

Adum PZ: Couple attacks preacher for allegedly preaching against them

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A woman dressed scantily and her boyfriend have attacked a street preacher at Adum-PZ in the Kumasi Metropolis of the Ashanti for preaching against fornication.

It took traders around the area to save the street preacher from the enraged duo who pounced on the pastor to ostensibly assault him physically.

The sad incident occurred on Monday, February 27, 2023, after the preacher reportedly said “men who engaged in fornication will have no savings in future.”

Some eyewitnesses who spoke to OTEC News’ Jacob Agyenim Boateng said the comment did not land well with the woman and her partner who were passing at the time and then attacked the preacher with claims that he was referring to them.

Couple attacks preacher

The preacher, Kwaku Marfo, who was forced to cut short his work early Monday morning spoke to OTEC News.

“All I said was that a young coconut seller at Accra ended up with nothing after spending all his money on women.

“I quoted Proverbs 6:26 to support my point that, men who spend their time and money on women will have nothing at the end of the day, and unexpectedly the two attacked me,” he said.

He added that “I don’t know them, and so never mentioned their name or described them in my preaching so i am surprised why they had to attack me.”

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