CCTV Footage Shows Alligator Dragging 85-Year-Old Woman To Her Grave

CCTV Footage Shows Alligator Dragging 85-Year-Old Woman To Her Grave

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Eighty five years old woman, Gloria Serge, from Florida has died after being dragged by an Alligator.

The moments before a woman was attacked and killed by an alligator in Florida have been released after a birdwatching camera captured the horrific scene. Gloria Serge was walking her dog along a retention pond behind her house at Spanish Lakes Fairways in Fort Pierce when the 10-foot reptile attacked.

The camera shows the woman and her dog by the water’s edge, as the water ripples from the alligator edging closer towards them. Serge, 85, appears not to notice as the alligator jumps out of the water and attempts to grab her dog.

According to an accident report released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “Ms. Serge was knocked over and the alligator pulled her into the water by her foot. Ms. Serge was pulled into deeper water and died as a result of the incident.” Inside Edition verified the video, and the “brutal aftermath,” speaking to neighbor Carol Thomas who tried to save Serge before she was pulled under. The alligator, a local fixture known as Henry, was trapped and put down.

Before you watch the video, Viewers discretion is advised.

Watch the video below:

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