E/R: Man, 80, burned into ashes by ‘cigar’ he was allegedly smoking

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E/R: Man, 80, burned into ashes by ‘cigar’ he was allegedly smoking

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A man in his late 80s died unexpectedly at Lateh Akuapem in the Eastern region.

According to the narrative, the deceased, Paa Kwame, had been bedridden for several years due to his advanced age and unstable health conditions.

For the time being, he is being cared for by a family member.

Upon the late Paa Kwame’s request, the caretaker manages to provide for him.

Paa Kwame, as usual, asked the caretaker to get him a cigarette, which she did.

It is believed that while he was smoking, a stub of the cigarette fell from his hands and made contact with his clothes, igniting fire while he was alone in the room.

The 80-year-old man allegedly burned into ashes.

This tragedy involving the man, who is said to be a former Accra trader, occurred on Saturday, February 18, 2023.


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