Ghanaians urged to partake in second dose of Covid-19 vaccine exercise

Ghanaians urged to partake in second dose of Covid-19 vaccine exercise

The Ashanti Regional health directorate under the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has urged Ghanaians to participate actively in the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Speaking to the media, Ashanti Regional Health Director, Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang stressed that the vaccines procured by the government are safe and would ensure immunity against the Coronavirus disease when you take both the second dose and the booster.

“The vaccines are safe and protective despite the negative things you have heard about it. One thing we can assure you as a health system is that, we will make sure we give you a vaccine that is safe and protective and will help you so that you won’t die from Covid-19 so taking second dose and the booster is the best way to get rid of Covid 19 virus.

“Once you are given your second dose, it means that you have completed your vaccination and as far as your immunity is concerned, it will be high enough to prevent you from the mortality that is associated with Covid-19.” he said.

The Ashanti Regional health directorate is expected to commence its second phase of COVID 19 vaccination campaign on Monday, February 20 to 24 but this time is targeting much on those who have had their first dose.

The Ashanti Region, he says has total doses administered of 4,107,365.

Although 2,381,435 persons received their first jab in the region, Dr Tinkorang encourage them to take the second dose and the booster.He also stressed that, without vaccination identification cards, persons who arrive at the health facilities would not be attended to.

“If you have had your first dose for a long period of three months, it means that you are due for your second dose and you can visit to any health facility to take your second dose.

“All the health facilities in the region are ready to assist you in anyway. You will have to go with

your vaccination cards. Without your vaccination cards, you will not be immunized because your special ID is on the card and that is what we can retrieve,” he stated.

He also used the opportunity to dismiss claims that the vaccines lead to blood clot and can also make you impotent.

According to Dr Tinkorang, records in the Ashanti Region do not show reports of such cases. He therefore urged persons to refrain from comparing incidents from other countries to those in Ghana.

“In Ghana, we have not recorded any blood clots or impotent. As far as I am concerned, in Ashanti Region, most of them were fever, body pains and others. Those who died, their death cannot be attributed to the vaccine.

“So what is happening in other countries, you cannot use it to describe what is happening in Ghana,” he said.

By Akwadaa Nyame@Silverfm

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