Update from GNAT council meeting: GNAT reviews top policies for teachers

Update from GNAT council meeting: GNAT reviews top policies for teachers

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has reviewed some top policies for Teachers at their Council meeting.

1. At the said Council meeting, several issues unfolded where retirement benefit was not an exception. The Council has made a slight increment in Retirement benefits for Teachers saying GNAT Death/Retirement benefit have been moved upwards to GH¢3,000.00. The said increment according to GNAT is effective since 1st January, 2023.

2. The traumatizing issue of the One Teacher One Laptop deductions was addressed. The leadership of GNAT said they are making efforts for the refund of the GH¢ 44.55 to affected teachers.

3. Discussion on pensioners’ retirement issues was talked about. The Council at the meeting detailed that GNAT members who retired Effective January, 2023 are qualified to receive treatment from the Sweden Ghana Medical Centre (SGMC).

4. Further, they mentioned and explained that the Sweden Ghana Medical Centre (SGMC) Board and the Cancer Foundation Board have been inaugurated.

5. The Association also encouraged Teachers to join the GNAT Provident Fund Scheme (Tier 3). GNAT said the Scheme is up-to-date and effective. They called on all GNAT Members to enroll unto the Scheme.

6. Allowance for Teachers in deprived areas was also included in the Council meeting. The Council disclosed that their Technical Committee had finished working on the requested report and would present it to GES in no time for the processing of the allowance.

7. Discussions and concerns on the growth of the mother association, GNAT was also another area for attendees. It was let it out that, the establishment of the GNAT Institute for Research and Industrial Relations is in progress. Their best to support its life will be given.

8. GNAT also assured that promotions (senior and junior ranks) and upgrading are all in progress for the best outcome. Members are urged not to panic but, they are advised to do the legal needful.

9. Vehicle Maintenance Allowance was also touched. GNAT indicated that Financial Clearance has been given to GES for 1,803 Teachers to be paid the said allowance.

10. Local GNAT conferences was announced. They announced between February and April 2023 for holding of the Local GNAT Conferences across the country.

11. The Mutual Fund’s current short code *800# will no longer be active from Monday, 13th February, 2023. Please use the new short code *888# instead.



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