SHOCKER: Black Stars Legend Asamoah Gyan finally confirms the use of juju in football with evidence; Find It Below

SHOCKER: Black Stars Legend Asamoah Gyan finally confirms the use of juju in football with evidence; Find It Below

Ghana legend Asamoah Gyan says his childhood club used JUJU in some of their games at colt level when he was a juvenile footballer in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

The all time Ghana top scorer who is the African player with the highest amount of goals at the FIFA World Cup says their juvenile club, Cedar FC made all of them engaged in bathing with some concoction all in the name of looking for a win in a colts league match.

According to Gyan, during his colts football days, they were days they were taken to places to engage in activities that will help them win games.

He also added that a lot of players engage in juju but that is their secret.

“Yes it is there, anything that has a name it exists. We all like in colts we all go together and they tell us get this and bath with it do this and that. And if you don’t do it and the team loses you caused the defeat. With Cedar we went once or twice we played Liberty we were beaten four,” he said on Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV.

“I remember another colts game, a man told us to do something for two goals. Sometimes with a padlock they will tell you if you score one that is it.”

“You can get an empty net and shoot wide when the one goal enters that is it so it (juju) is there. When someone scores a goal people usually say this is a mallam goal they know it (juju) is there,”

“We all have what we believe. Someone will close from church and pass by a mallam. There are a lot of players if they will tell the truth they do those things.”

“Someone will not tell you their secret but if you are very observant you will see that something is going on. That person will not tell you there is something going on but if you are observant there are certain things you will see,”

“You can’t mention names, someone’s secret, nothing goes on in the dressing room but if the person is going to sleep do you know what they do.”

“If a pastor stands behind the pulpit you don’t know what he has done before coming so your secret is your power. There are those who are very deep into juju but will come and behave like they are holy,” he concluded.

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