WN/R: Pupils cry for help as ‘rascals’ defecate and have sex in their classrooms(PHOTOS)

WN/R: Pupils cry for help as ‘rascals’ defecate and have sex in their classrooms(PHOTOS)

BREAKING: An unidentified man found dead with hands tied in a cocoa farm at Krakrom(PHOTOS)



Educational watch Sefwi Wiawso Municipal WNR

Nana Biney(Dwinasi M/A) this school was built in the 1970s.

The school is located at Sefwi Dwinasi in the wiawso municipalitie.

The school have population of about 900 students.

Since the school was built, the school have not had office for the teacher.

It was a wooden structure which was built by the teacher and PTA.

Because it is a wooden structure, when it rains the rain enter straight to the office so it have destroye many of the school properties in that wooden structure.

Secondly, the form 3 student have no classroom to study.

It’s the same teacher that contributed their salary to build a wooden structure for the form3 students.

The floor and classroom of the school have be vandalized.

The KG classes also don’t have chair, for them to sit on for learning.

The school has an ICT lab without a computer.

Teachers some time drawn the equipment or the tools of the computer on the blackboard for the students to copy.

I’m not afraid to say that more of the student from both primary to junior high school of Nana biney have not touch even computer mouse before.

Onua news Emmanuel Sowah spoke with the Assemblyman of the area, hon Ebenezer Yame, He said when he came to office as an Assembly member he visited the school and went run to see how best the school is?

He said the teacher complain to him about the problem they are facing.

They complained to me about staff common room office where they can pack the school properties.

Hon, said,the wooden structure behind me is also built by the Teachers for the form 3 students.

The school also have a computer lab without a computers, which can not help the students to perform well in computer skills.

Hon, continue that because they is no electricity in the school, some people take that opportunity to come to the school to toilet in the classrooms and even some have sex in the classroom.

He said since he came to office, he have wrote a letter upon letter to the Assembly and the MCE of Wiawso but they have not turn eyes to support the school.

He than peard with government, stickholder and old students of the school, that they should come and help the school.

Mr. Kwame paintel who is the PTA chairman for the school also complain about toilet facilities of the school that a population of about 900 students and teachers use one toilet facilities which is not fair.

He appeared to the public and old students to come and support the school with toilet facilities and computers that will help students to do well in ICT.

Educational watch WNR.

For report, call Emmanuel Sowah


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SOURCE: Sowah@Onuanews

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