Best Positions When Having Sex; According To Experts

Best Positions When Having Sex

There is no one “best” sexual position as it depends on individual preferences and comfort levels. However, here are some popular options:

Missionary: This classic position involves the partner on top, facing the person lying down. This can be a intimate and relaxed position for both partners.

Doggy style: This position involves the person on all fours, with their partner entering from behind. This can be a passionate and intense position.

Spooning: This is a more intimate position, with partners lying on their sides, facing the same direction. The partner in back can reach around to stimulate the partner in front.

Reverse Cowgirl: This is a variation of the Cowgirl position, where the partner on top faces away from their partner. This allows for a different angle of penetration and provides a different visual experience for both partners.

Standing: Standing positions can be more challenging, but can also provide new sensations and experiences.

Remember, communication with your partner is key when trying new positions. Experimentation can be fun, but make sure to listen to each other’s comfort levels and boundaries.

Ultimately, the best position is one that both partners are comfortable with and provides pleasure for both.

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