Regions with the most feared and powerful shrines in Ghana

Regions with the most feared and powerful shrines in Ghana

Ghana is known as a circular country with a high Christian population and a favorable Islamic following too. In spite of these two dominant religious groups the country also enjoys the existence of shrines and traditional deities.

It is believed a greater part of the population Christians and Muslims alike patronize these shrines for quick solutions to their problems, request and otherwise.

In view of that this source brings to you a regional breakdown of the most popular, powerful and feared shrines in Ghana. Many of these shrines have interesting statues and architecture.

Ashanti Region – Antoa Nyamaa

Antoa Nyamaa is a popular river god deity with its shrine located at Antoa in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. The Antoa Shrine is harboured in a small stream called Asuo Nyamaa. Antoa is about seven miles away from Kumasi specifically in Kwabre East. Antoa Nyamaa is a very renowned deity and the people in the Ashanti Region often use it to seek answers to their problems. 2015 however thieves broke into the strong room of the shrine and stole its gold ornaments, idols and other valuables worth thousands of cedis.

Upper East Region – Tengzug Shrine in the Tongo Hills

Located in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, the shrine requires you to be topless before entering the spiritual and holy space whether man or woman.

The Tengzug Shrine, is very famous for its religious animal sacrifices for good luck and to please the ancestors of the Talensis land.

During the Talensi in July 2015, Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party(NPP), Bernard Antwi Boasiako alias Chairman Wontumi led some party people including the then parliamentary candidate now DCE for the area to the Shrine.

Eastern Region – Akonedi Shrine

This is a shrine located at Larteh Kubeasi in the Eastern Region of Ghana, 56km north of Accra, on the Akwapim Ridge. It is very popular and believed to be one of the most powerful shrines among the Akuapims.

The shrine is an important place of traditional healing and religious ceremonies where herbal medicine as well as psychic healing is practiced by the fetish. A fee is charged to observe religious ceremonies. Major spirits worshiped at the Akonnedi shrine in Larteh include: Akonnedi, Esi Ketewa, Adade Kofi, Asuo Gyebi and Tegare.

Volta Region – Nogokpo

Nogokpo is considered by many to be the quickest results-oriented shrine in Ghana. It is located in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana along the Trans–West African Coastal Highway. It is patronized both by locals and foreigners to seek answers of whatever kind either their destiny or revenge. Sometimes people jokingly use the name to frighten people but it is believed such acts can anger the gods.

Volta Region – Klikor Shrine

This shrine is in the Volta region. The natives in that area get ‘spiritual summons’ when they are alleged to steal an item. It’s believed that when someone reports you to the shrine and you are unable to pay the debt, your relative (mostly women) will have to serve the deity.

Bono East – Nana Yaw Bosam

This shrine has been in existence for several years. It served as a spiritual connection between the living and the living and the dead. It’s very popular within the Bono and Ahafo enclave where people go to seek insight into their destiny, go for spiritual healing and make requests of the gods. It is a shrine that connects with only male priests who serve as the mouthpiece of the gods.

Greater Accra – Brekete Shrine

The Brekete shrine in Ghana features northern gods dancing at a triennial cow sacrifice. There are major and minor gods. The major gods are Kunde (father and hunter); Ablewa/Tseriya (Mother); Sanya Kompo (God of the stone, linguist and secretary); Bangle/Ketetsi (warrior and soldier); Sakra Bode (god of the land and Bangle’s stool); and Wango (god of the waters and roads). The minor gods, all of which work with Bangle, are Tsengé (god of the seven knives), Gediya (policeman), and Surugu (lieutenant).

Brekete is a relatively new cult that found its way around the 1930’s to the south eastern coastal villages of what was then the Gold Coast, and has since spread throughout.

Ashanti Region – Kofi O kofi shrine (Akomadan)

This is a shrine that is managed by Nana Kwaku Bonsam, whose name, “Bonsam” translates literally as “Devil”. Kwaku Bonsam a well-known witch doctor in Ghana and beyond, gained international prominence when he claimed to put a voodoo curse on the Portuguese footballer and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo not to score against Ghana in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

He has also said in the past some popular pastors in Ghana come to his Kofi O Kofi gods and shrine for charms and powers to woo their congregations.

Greater Accra Nana Agraada Sika Gari

It was seen as a powerful place where those who patronized the shrine got their answers until the priestess of the shrine one day announced she was no more interested in the work of the gods but GOD. Nana Agradaa, known in real life as Patricia Asiedua, has since burnt all the idols in her shrine after she confessed giving her life to Christ. The shrine was destroyed by a team of prayer warriors and powerful prophets selected by herself. Some of her famous spiritual activities was the Sika Gari., where she claimed to double money for people. Nana Agradaa christened her evangelism as ‘Agradaa Ministries International’ however some people believe her activities as a vessel of God is even worse than when she used to be a fetish priestess duping people in the process.

These are just a few of such shrines in Ghana however there are some community shrines in several parts of Ghana that people revere and go to for spiritual interpretations and powers.









































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