Men, do these 3 things and she will beg for more sex

Men, do these 3 things and she will beg for more sex

Of course, it might be challenging to express some wishes, especially if you are from a group of people that value quiet, pretty ladies. However, pleasure isn’t necessarily the result of inactivity.

We’ve compiled a list of five things that women wish you’d do during sex.

According to research, it takes women about 20 minutes to reach their peak level of arousal. Men, on the other hand, can often be there in much less time. Of course, some sacrifice is necessary for sex. But the turtle often prevails over the hare when it comes to issues of arousal and orgasm. The longer foreplay is performed, the more likely the clitoris will fill with blood and the vagina will lubricate. And both of those actions are necessary for fulfilling sex. Additionally, the more time you spend having fun, the more chances your body has to release feel-good chemicals.

Spend more time down below
The most reliable method for a woman to experience an orgasm is not penetration. Women are more likely to experience climax following a range of sexual practices, including oral sex. Additionally, it gives her the chance to concentrate completely on her pleasure. And that shows what a decent, selfless, loving person looks like. Of course, we have nothing against the endless pleasure your spouse will get from his erected penis. Rather, we’re suggesting there’s nothing wrong with switching things up occasionally.

Be a little bit more daring

It may be quite hot to be harsh with someone in bed. Naturally, before you get there, you need to make sure your partner is on board.

As long as you’ve discussed consent and you’re confident that she enjoys rough play, go ahead. After all, a small amount of physicality may make a big difference. Providing she’s into it, a little light hair tugging and sex chat may greatly improve the experience.


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