LGBTQ+: Young Lexbian Couple Make Love On Social Media To Tease Opposition (VIDEO)

LGBTQ+: Young Lexbian Couple Make Love On Social Media To Tease Opposition (VIDEO)

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Citizenry are fighting against the menace of LGBTQ+ in the nation.

A lot of African countries like Ghana have made several attempts to prevent such practice and ban such the act but unfruitful as we speak.

In Ghana, there is a bill, anti LGBTQ+ bill currently in parliament awaiting to be passed to criminalise the act and punish culprits.

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Meanwhile, the more the anti LGBTQ+ advocacy group pushes for the abolishment of the practice, the more the fight get tougher for them.

It seems the individuals engaging in LGBTQ+ do not care about whatever is going on.

In a viral video circulating on social and sighted by Filasconews.com, two young black Lexbian Couple have taken to social media to make love to tease haters of LGBTQ+.

They are doing it to mock their opponent.

The two were seen in the viral video vigorously engaging in the act while videoing.

I’ll give you the opportunity to watch the video. It is a mature video hence can only be watched in the link below:

Click on the video link.





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SOURCE: Filasconews.com

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