Oforikrom residents call on their MP, MCE to resign; Describe the MP as ‘mumu'(dumb) in parliament

Oforikrom residents call on their MP, MCE to resign; Describe the MP as ‘mumu'(dumb) in parliament

The Member of Parliament for the Oforikrom constituency has incurred the wrath of his constituents, calling for his resignation.

According to the disappointed residents of Oforikrom, their Member of Parliament, Dr. Emmanuel Marfo, since becoming a representative in the law making house has not done anything beneficial for the constituents. Backing their claim with his abysmal performance with the latest MP’s ranking, the aggrieved constituents said the MP’s poor performance deserved him the 273rd position he held during the ranking.

The outrage of the aggrieved constituents who call themselves Concern Youth Oforikrom sparked after combining series of developmental failure by the MP, Emmanuel Marfo and the area MCE Mr. Abraham Kwame Antwi.

Demonstrating over what they call “lack of development and neglect within the Oforikrom constituency, the angry residents called for the two personalities to honourably resign since their continuous stay in office will forever derail development.

Displaying their challenges on placards, hundreds of constituents marched on the streets of Oforikrom amid chants of disappointment songs.

Some of the pressing issues displayed on the placcards included; ‘Oforikrom constituency has been neglected in terms of development”, “No maintenance on our roads for the past six years”, “We deserve better, we’re part of Ghana”, Clueless govt and useless MP resign now”, ‘Incompetent paddies, vacate post to pave way for for the competent ones!!, etc.

According to the residents the municipal assembly had failed to repair a broken bridge that links Anloga and Sisakyi. They said the assembly only attempted to repair the death trap bridge after the community had raised an alarm over it on social media. But the sad thing is that the assembly together with the MP for the area ordered a stop to the construction work without any tangible explanation, thus after they had deceived the residents.

They also lamented over a non-functional” traffic light linking Anloga Junction and Susuanso for almost a year now where they described the authorities for being heartless to their plight.

Some of the demonstrators expressed disappointment in their MCE and the local assembly for failing to implement any major development within the area including their roads which have now become death trap.

Convener of the group, Jerry James Suka aka Papa Jay, speaking to the media said, residents in two communities made several calls to the municipal authority to fix their bridge but all fell on deaf ears.

Mr. Jerry James Sukah said several appeals to authorities to get their issues addressed failed.

According to Papa Jay, the duo, thus the MP, Emmanuel Kwabena Marfo and the MCE, Mr. Abraham Kwame Antwi have failed to address several challenges in the constituency.

“We want our ‘mumu” MP and the MCE to resign since they have nothing good to offer us. Can you believe that the MP can’t even repair the road that links to his house? He has been “mumu’ for many years and there’s no wonder he was placed last the latest MP’s ranking.

“We want the MP to just mention any one or two projects he has instituted within the constituency”. He challenged.

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