NPP Zongo Caucus threaten to shut down Hefra office over discrimination

NPP Zongo Caucus threaten to shut down Hefra office over discrimination

The Ashanti Regional Concerned NPP Zongo Caucus on Monday morning 23/01/23 stormed the office of the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency ( Hefra) to lock up the office over what they call unfair treatment and discrimination against their northern brother Mr. Rashid Inusah Siedu, the regional coordinator.

According to the group, the CEO of HEFRA Dr. Philip Yaw Banor has used all foul means and intimidation to transfer their only brother who is a stanch member of the party and has been assisting the Zongo communities over the years. They said if president Nana Addo allows him to be transferred they will then have no other means than to sit back because they feel their only Zongo man is facing all this intimidation because he started climbing down unregistered health facilities in the region. It can be recalled that in 2021 when he started such an exercise which discovered some facilities were operating illegally, he received threats from some prominent people within the region including his own boss Dr. Banor.

According to the group, ever since Dr. Banor decided to transfer Rashid Inusah, all efforts made by the Health minister, Dr. Gideon Boako, the Ashanti Regional NPP chairman etc have proven futile.

The group has threatened to lock up the office if the coordinator is not brought back.

‘ What annoys us most is that, the CEO has used dubious means and autocratic leadership style to transfer him because he has been reporting about 12 family members of the CEO who were brought to the office and has not been coming to office for work.'”

” Could you believe his own man who just came to work less than 40 days in the whole year of 2022 has been ask to take over ” . We are pleading with the regional minister, the health minister and the president and vice president to immediately call on the CEO to resend it decision.

They said they feel this is happening to their man because he is a northerner and Muslim.

They have again threatened to spill out the bean if nothing is done about the concern.

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