Why I Divorced My Wife To Marry My Maid: Man Reason Shocks Court

Why I Divorced My Wife To Marry My Maid: Man Reason Shocks Court

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A seven- year- old marriage that has produced two children had hit the rock when the husband divorced his wife and tie the knot with his housemaid.

It was because of this reason the wife decided to drag her husband before the court of law to reconcile them.

According to the wife, she has always loved and cherished her husband with everything but she was shocked to realize he could wicked her in such a manner.

While in the court, the husband was asked to give a response to the allegations of his wife but the man responded that he had already made up his mind that nothing would change it.

While speaking before the court, the husband revealed that he is tired of the union. He complained that his wife is very lazy and that she won’ t do any house chores in the house. The maid has been the one doing everything including cooking the family food.

He added that after he had complained severally, some elders had called the two of them and attempted to settle the matter but it was to no avail.

He continued that the wife only instructs the maid to carry out the house chores while she will be busy with her phone or watching TV.

The husband stated that on weekends when the wife doesn’ t go to work, she would do all the work including cooking for the maid. She has stopped cooking my favorite meals for me the way she usually does it when we first married. All she does on weekends is to prepare herself for Kitchen Party Committees then returned home dead drunk sometimes.

The husband urged the court to check out the long nails on her wife and see if someone like that can carry out any house chores.

However, the husband sticks to his decision that he was going to get married to the maid since she has been the one taking care of the children and doing the house chores.

The court later dissolved the marriage since there is not much to be done.

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