The Dog attended his owner’s funeral, something that the Dog did surprises all

The Dog attended his owner’s funeral, something that the Dog did surprises all

Years ago a woman called Thelma Maria adopted a sweet boxer puppy and named her bellina Telma spent a great deal of quality time with the dog in the last four years so it was no surprise that her passing away affected the animal even given the obvious love between pet and owner nobody expected bellina to react the way she did that fateful day at the funeral.

Thelma Maria Pereira de andrada was a loving wife and mother to two sons she loved her family very much and this care was returned to her tenfold as her two sons Grew Older Telma Maria noticed that something may have been missing from their lives she thought it a great idea to add one more member to the family with this notion Telma Maria sit on a search across her City Terracina and then expanded it to the entire state of piawi Brazil it wasn’t long before Telma Maria found what she was looking for a sweet litter of boxer puppies ready for rehoming the size and general disposition of the breed fit well into Telma Maria’s family.

Lifestyle with the family’s approval she purchased an energetic little boxer and named her bellina after bolina was adopted the whole family embraced her with open arms it didn’t take long at all for bellina to become a pillar in Telma Maria and her family’s lives her owner was overjoyed to have completed her family and worked hard to train Belina very well the dog was happy in her new family and was giving every indication that she was thriving in that environment for a short while the family was over the moon that is until the day they received life-changing news the day Thelma Maria was diagnosed with cancer was a terrible hit for the family things were going to change fairly.

Drastically as she began the battle for her life she cut back on working and focused on getting healthy and spending time with her family even more the dog became an excellent companion to Maria as she began her treatment over the next several months Telma Maria grew weak and fatigued from her battle with cancer and had to spend more and more time resting indoors her husband worked hard to keep up their quality of life .

But he struggled to be present with his children while working so much and being so preoccupied with his wife that is where sweet bellina came in the beautiful dog became more attached to Telma Maria by the day and would spend most of her time cuddling or hanging around Telma Maria the youthful puppy energy dissipated in bolina as she developed into an adult boxer she took on some of Thelma Maria’s traits becoming calmer with time and allowing her owner to spend time with her children or simply relax on her bed days grew into months which grew into years and the mother remained sick and couch-bound it was hard for Telma Maria to watch her family engage so fully with the world while her life seemed to be on hold .

She she could still attend school events and sports with her sons she wished she could work again and take some of the strain off of her husband she wanted more than anything to go on a date or adventure with her husband like they did when they were teenagers but alas Telma Maria could do none of those things while some people might despair over the Grim circumstances Telma Maria kept her spirits up with the help of her furry friend perhaps it was thanks to balina that Telma Maria could maintain her grip on life for so long the family was glued together because of the dog and that gave her something to fight for.

unfortunately her resilience was not enough after years of radiation chemotherapy and surgeries Telma Maria faded away her cancer had spread to her lungs spine liver and pancreas her family stuck by her as she began to pass they were grateful she had stayed in their lives as long as she could and would be sad to see her go but relieved that her pain and struggles were coming to an end baleena clung to Telma Maria wanting to be in constant contact with her the dog laid with her owner as she passed away the boys were sitting around their mother and they knew the moment.

She was gone because bolina began to cry and Naja Telma Maria’s still body the two boys sat in quiet sadness as their dad entered the room beckoned by bolina’s crying the three men held each other and began mourning Telma Maria the subsequent week of their lives was filled with funeral preparations and the many Logistics involved with the death of a loved one the family spent the week camped out in the living room they felt closer to Telma Maria there in that space where she’d spent most of the last four years plus that was the room where they kept bolina’s crate so the family could all be together Telma Maria’s Sons coped by joking that bellina was essentially a hospice nurse and would need a new job shortly.

After an excruciatingly long week the day finally came for the family to leave their house and hold the funeral they all got dressed up stocked up on tissues and headed out the three got into their car but Dad never turned over the ignition instead they sat together quietly for a few minutes something didn’t feel right but none of them could figure out what until the youngest son spoke up and admitted he felt like they were forgetting something he went back into the house briefly and then came back out with bellina on a leash her water dish tacked under his arm he got in the back seat and bathed the boxer to follow suit once Belina was in the vehicle things seem to click into place now the whole family is here the oldest and remarked and the four of them drove to the funeral home it was unconventional to bring a pet.

but the staff at the funeral home made an exception balina was incredibly well behaved a testament to Telma Maria’s training so she was allowed in and the Wake began as soon as someone outside the family entered the room Belina made a beeline for Telma Maria in her casket the dog stood guard by her owner and looked wearily at guests as they came forward to pay their respects dad and his sons mingled throughout the two-hour wake but bellina did not move a muscle the entire time Telma Maria’s eldest son dionisio Neto took the sweet dog outside for a walk between the wake and funeral she was clearly discombobulated and mildly frightened by the crowd dionisio gave her some treats and calmed her down.

then they went back inside for the funeral the guests had all taken their seats and the family entered the chapel dad went in first walked up to Telma Maria’s casket kissed her and then went to sit the boys followed behind copying the convention model by their father bellina followed in the rear of the procession the dog too marched all the way up to Telma Maria’s casket and then she did something truly heartbreaking she demonstrated her dedication to her owner by copying dad and the boys.

she pushed herself up onto her hind legs and just as the three men had done before her Belina bent her head to kiss Telma Maria to be honest it was more of a lick than a kiss but the intention was perfectly clear afterwards Belina did not follow her humans to the Pew where they were settled the funeral began and the Priest started speaking but every pair of eyes in the church was fixated on the sweet boxer standing guard next to her owner’s coffin.

the devoted dog had not realized that her position protecting Telma Maria had come to an end throughout the entire ceremony Belina stayed up on her hind legs with her front paws on the casket and her eyes on her favorite human no one will ever be able to forget bolina’s behavior and devotion during her human’s funeral Telma Maria is gone forever but her sweet dog will never forget the love she gave her and will forever miss her dearly do you know any other example of Love That surpassed death have you ever met a pet so attached to its owner tell us in the comments below thank you for watching and until next time







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