Emotional Justice: A Roadmap for Racial Healing


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Award-Winning International Journalist, Playwright, CEO

Esther A. Armah’s book launch:

Emotional Justice: A Roadmap for Racial Healing

Webster University Ghana, East Legon

Tuesday 29th November, 5.30pm

Meet Esther A. Armah

Accra-based Esther A. Armah is an international award-winning journalist, playwright, radio host, and writer. She is currently CEO of The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice, (The AIEJ), a global institute implementing the ‘Emotional Justice’ framework she created. The AIEJ devises, develops, designs, and delivers projects, training, and thought leadership. The Emotional Justice framework has taken Armah as a speaker to a range of prestigious global venues including Netflix Inclusion Institute, Stanford, NYU, and Kenya’s African Women in Media


About Emotional Justice: A Roadmap for Racial Healing

After two successful launches of her book; Emotional

Justice: A Roadmap for Racial Healing, in the US and the

UK, Esther A. Armah is now launching this groundbreaking

powerful work in Accra, Ghana.

Emotional Justice grapples with how a legacy of untreated

trauma from oppressive systems has created and sustained

dual deadly fictions: white superiority and Black inferiority that

shape—and wound—all of us. These systems must be

dismantled to build a future, an Africa that serves Africans, and

creates a humanity centered justice. We are the dismantlers

we have been waiting for, and Emotional Justice is the game

changer for a just future that benefits all of us. In this book,

Esther A. Armah argues that the crucial missing piece to racial

healing and sustainable equity is Emotional Justice—a new racial healing language to help us do our emotional work.

The Emotional Justice book connects and highlights the histories of oppression to what is

happening now, what is going wrong, and how we can put it right. Putting the two words

together is about highlighting that this is our collective work, a group focus – not an individual

effort, that it is about highlighting and addressing injustice. We all—Black, Brown, white—have

our emotional work that we need to do. But that work is not the same for all of us.

Here in Ghana, and across the Continent, we need healing from the systems of enslavement

and colonialism that shape our relationship to Africa, and that show up in our economy, our

education system, our infrastructure. Africa needs Emotional Justice. There is also the shared

untreated trauma between America and Ghana due to oppressive systems that export a

narrative of Africa as wretched, poverty-stricken resulting in global perceptions that shape public


The book was a #1 New release on Amazon in two different categories; General Sociology of

Race Relations and Cultural Anthropology for six straight weeks. The book’s two forewords are

by New York Times best-selling authors, Dr. Brittney Cooper and Dr. Robin DiAngelo. The book

has been featured in prestigious publications including ‘Africa Is A Country’, The Los Angeles

Review of Books, Stanford Innovation Business Review and The Non-Profit Quarterly. Esther

has been featured on global media; in the UK on six BBC radio stations including BBC Radio

Derby, BBC Bristol, BBC London, BBC Gloucester; in the US the book was named as a ‘Book

Of Interest’ by Daily Kos, the largest online publication of progressive media with a 300k online

following. The book has been cited by Ivy League university professors and leaders within

philanthropy as a crucial tool and resource that is transformative in its approach to issues of

systemic racism and racial healing.


The Ghana book launch takes place at Webster University Ghana, East Legon.

The Ghana book launch features:-

• Dramatized Reading featuring PEARL KORKOR DARKEY

• Discussion Moderated by FRANCIS ABBAN

• Book Signing



Webster University is an American university based in St. Louis, Missouri with a 107-year track

record of academic excellence. The university has been a respected leader in the field of

international education since the late seventies.

Webster Ghana is proud to partner with The AIEJ and Vidya Books as it launches its inaugural

Global Conversations Public Reading series featuring critically-acclaimed author Esther

Armah’s latest book, Emotional Justice: A Roadmap for Racial Healing.”

Christa Sanders Bobotoya, Webster’s Campus director says: “Webster University Ghana’s

Global Conversations Public Reading series is designed to create cross-cultural

conversations, engaging the public on issues of international importance by inviting

global thought leaders, activists, and writers to discuss a broad range of topics

impacting today’s society and world.”


Emotional Justice: A Roadmap for Racial Healing is currently available at Vidya

Bookstore, Labone and online via Amazon.

For more information, please visit: | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram


EJ GH Book launch Press release Nov 2022

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