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Bono Region: Food prices may keep increasing if… – Farmers warn Government 

Bono Region: Food prices may keep increasing if… – Farmers warn Government

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Goods and services around the country are becoming increasingly more expensive, but farmers may be among the hardest hit as inflation and supply chain issues are expected to send food prices soaring even higher.

According to the latest data from the Ghana Statistical Service, food inflation recorded a rate of 22.4% in March 2022, compared to 17.4% in February 2022.

That impact is being felt by farmers at Fiapre of sunyani west district in the Bono region.

Farmers in the District have complained over high cost of fertilizers and added that the cost of NPK fertilizer was still high, and required downward adjustments to enable them afford it.

Instead of GH¢50.00 in the open market, fertilizers are being sold to farmers between GH¢70.00 and GH¢300.00.

But, in an interview with the Bono fm’s reporter,Obaapa Ama Ataa at a meeting held on Friday November 11,2022 at Fiapre community center ,the farmers said despite the cost of the agro-chemicals, it was also difficult for them to access and buy the fertilizers.

The farmers has warned that food prices may continue to soar if government does not intervene and also called on government to implement policies that will avert the situation and ensure a boost in production of food this year.


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Source: K DEE(Sunyani FM)/

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