Drama: 22-year-old busted sl€€ping with a married woman gives shocking reason

Drama: 22-year-old busted sl€€ping with a married woman gives shocking reason

A Young boy of 22 years old in Lagos explained why he drives an old lady on bed who is as old as his mother.

According to the boy he said and i quote ,I satisfy her sexually because of money that is why you see me always with the old lady who is as old as my mother. I don’t care what ever people say about me.

I was jobless in spite of my education and no one cares about me upon my struggle to have a white collar job. I cannot go and thief or do ritual for money, but I am glad and grateful to the old white lady whom God has blessed me to get my dially income by satisfying her sexually. I,am no longer struggling to make ends meet since when i won the heart of the beautiful old white lady.

My business is just to satisfies her sexually whenever she needs it and got my pay that is bigger than the salary of a graduate working strenuously in the bank. What else do you want me to do.

In order to be more attractive to her. I went for power.

This is because i don’t want to loss her for another person. I use what God has blessed me to get what i need for survival. Nigeria economy is very bad and you don’t expect me to remain idle without money flowing in to my account.

I have never regret any minute i spent with the old foreign lady who takes good care of me especially when i performed beyond her expectation for a night . She will give me extra money for that day to buy whatever i want to buy that will make me strong and attractive to her .

You may not believe it , but that is the reality. I enjoys her better than little girl who mess around with different boys for money that cannot take them home. With the old white lady,i have been able to build a house and bought a Lexus Jeep for myself.

I am not supposed to give this testimony in the social media, but I am motivated to do so because of my parents and some of my friends who said the old white lady might have charmed me.

Now i want to ask you, if you are a jobless graduate and within a space of time you achieve alots with what God has freely bless you without splitting blood or turned to be a yahoo boy without rest of mind. Won’t you consider my relationship with the old white lady a blessing ?

My question is rhetorical because no man on earth can change my mind considering my enjoyment and fat pay.

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