WN/R: The gods should intervene to stop ‘galamsey’ – Chiefs as they invoke curse on ‘Galamseyers’ 

WN/R: The gods should intervene to stop ‘galamsey’ – Chiefs as they invoke curse on ‘Galamseyers’

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The Chiefs and Elders of Dadieso Traditional Council in Suaman District of the Western North Region following the mass destruction of the land and forest reserves and water bodies by the activities of illegal miners, commonly known as galamsey, have invoked the deities on anyone who engages in the activities of galamsey on their water bodies.

Leading the chiefs and the community leaders in what was described as a historic ritual performance to protect their water bodies, the Adumhene of Dadieso, Nana Gyekye Panyin, told Nyamekye Radio’s Appiah Kubi that the motive behind the exercise was to seek the help of the gods to protect the rivers against the activities of illegal miners.

“We are not against mining, but to the extent of mine in the water bodies uncalled-for, hence the need to act ritually to get the gods.

The rituals were performed at the river bia to struck dead those engaging in illegal mining activities in areas such as Fanoma, Sui and Toya.

“Those who are involved or behind the illegal mining activities, whether government officials, individuals of the area, politician or whoever, the great gods of our land and rivers should deal with them”, the Adumhene reiterated.

According to him, the water bodies are dear to the heart of the chiefs and people of the area to the extent that they will do everything physically and spiritually to protect it from the destruction of galamseyers.

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On his side, the District Chief Executive for Suaman, Hon. Philip Boahen added that possible measures had been done to deal with galamseyers, but happened in vain.

He stated that, in conviction to the performance of the rituals, he sides with the chiefs aside the burning of the galamseyer’s machines.

“I’ve been working with the Disec on several occasions by burning galamsey machines but in transient, they comes back. I therefore support in dogma of the chief’s activities”, the DCE expressed.

The chief’s detest against the galamsey have conviction within them that the rituals will have expected impact.

For further details, call Hon. Philip Boahen – (Suaman DCE) on 0243487483.

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Source: Kubi(Nyamekye Radio)

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