What is happening? 70 Children Died After Taking Cough Syrup

Children Died After Taking Cough Syrup

What is happening? 70 Children Died After Taking Cough Syrup

After taking cough syrup, seventy, seventy children were confirmed dead.

The money that the government gave to the families of the 70 Gambian children who died after taking cough syrup was turned down.

It was said that the children were given cough syrup, which led to an Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in them.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry made cough syrup.

As they fight for justice for their children, the families of the victims have refused to take money from the government.

BBC News Pidgin says that the Gambian government gave the children’s families $20,000 to share. A leader in the community, Ebrima Sanyang, said that the money they got was an insult to their children.

And if they take the money, it means they don’t want justice.

The victims’ families also want the State Medicine Control Agency to take back what it said, which was that the children died because of floodwaters and not because of bad medicine.

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