Government Must Revamp The Dams And Storage Facilities To Help Boost Agribusiness In Ghana-CEO Of Nasia Star Rice

Government Must Revamp The Dams And Storage Facilities To Help Boost Agribusiness In Ghana-CEO Of Nasia Star Rice

By: Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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For the past years it has been better but this year has been a challenge due to the climate change and table of raining season changed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the CEO of the Tamanaa Company Ltd, Alhaji Saibu Braimah, was optimistic that a lot of farmers recorded a very low yields this year.

According to him, he has about 1000 acres of rice. Unfortunately the best came in and veg the farm and almost half of it has been consumed by the best buy all the same I worked with for 30 years.

“I support them with farm inputs and then after harvesting the pay me to feed the plant. Now we are the second largest in Ghana in terms of rice processing. This year assess that big challenge because a lot of farmers couldn’t do rice so farmers couldn’t do miss” he lamented.

A lot of farmers did lower than they used to do, simply because they have a cause of impulse was a big challenge.

The rain affected some part of the farms drastically. And the base has also played a very big role in terms of doping that has caused in the production in the end these vertices.

The president made mention of reduce, cutting down the importation of particular commodities most especially the rice.

“If you come to the north, we have a lot of Nigeria’s asked to speak current our paddy rice from the farms farmers to Nigeria because they have run out of shortage of rice and D every year that is what is happening. So you see that they are carrying our paddy rice to Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Ghana is also intend exporting importing rice into the account” Alhaji Braimah pointed out.

The farmers are facing a lot challenges that the government of Ghana needs to invest into the rice sector once he has been able to do that. I’m sure by the next two years Ghana can start exporting rice.

“It is all due to the galaxy chips that we have in the country. So for me, it’s affecting us. A lot. And I think I always say that the family sector has meaning even more than the Galaxy and that will even fetch more money to families than even the galaxy that they are doing” he said.

He appealed to the government of Ghana to revamp the Dams and storage facilities to help boost agribusiness and companies.

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