Mysterious Mansion with 150 rooms in Kumasi is rumoured to have a dark past; Netizens share their experience

Mysterious Mansion with 150 rooms in Kumasi is rumoured to have a dark past; Netizens share their experience

A Ghanaian TikToker, @tailormarique, shared a video of a mansion in Kumasi on social media, which is rumoured to have a dark past

According to the TikToker, the house has 150 rooms and once belonged to a prominent man called Nana Edward Yaw Boakye.

He adds that many believed the house had crocodiles in it, which made entering the compound very dangerous.

A Ghanaian TikToker, @tailormarique, took to social media to share a video of a mansion in Kumasi that once belonged to a sculptor and goldsmith called Nana Edward Yaw Boakye. It is believed that, at one point, he was one of the most famous and richest men in Kumasi. The businessman built a house with 150 rooms comprising offices and workshops.

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Mansion in Kumasi is surrounded by several rumours.

Several rumours surround the mansion in Kumasi. Photo credit: @tailormarique Source: UGC

Rumours about the house

Several rumours are flying around about the house.

Firstly, it was believed that Nana Yaw Boakye had an altercation with Jerry John Rawlings, the leader of the PNDC government at the time. J.J. Rawlings sent soldiers to arrest Nana Boakye, but he warned that it would get bloody if any military personnel stepped foot in his compound.

It is reported that it took the intervention of some prominent people and the head of the Catholic church to get him to surrender.

Secondly, many believed that there were crocodiles in the house. The TikToker explained that a swamp in the house filled with crocodiles made it dangerous for anyone who got near the premises.

Watch the video below.

Several netizens took to the comments to share their stories about the house.

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its_AK24 said:

As kids, we feared that place cos we were told you go vanish if you enter that house. My days at dechemso mehn

Hakeem Shabbaz☑️ added:

You just unveiled my childhood fears growing up in Kumasi..

Alice Appiah-Twumasi commented:

As kids growing up, we were told that if we go there we will not come back, although we used to pass by everyday from the airport roundabout to manhyia

asante138 asserted:

He was a brave no-nonsense man. a distant relative of mine. Though the house looked frightening, nobody got harmed in it. He mostly left it open!

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Internet users are responding to the tragic tale of a Ghanaian woman who, while living in the US, built a home in Kumasi but could never move into it before she passed unexpectedly. The late Patricia Serwaa Akoto allegedly constructed the home in Atasamanso, Kumasi, but she could never dwell there, not even for a day. She passed away in the hospital after undergoing surgery.

According to a video posted on TikTok by @maaueg, Patricia Akoto purchased furniture for the home from Dubai. She thus resided at a hotel upon her arrival in Ghana while she awaited the furnishing of the house.

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