Ejisu: Taxi driver hospitalized after Police assault

Ejisu: Taxi driver hospitalized after Police assault

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Taxi driver in his Late 30s identified as AKWASI has been hospitalized at Ejisu Government Hospital after Police Officer stationed at Ejisu Police Command who is also identified as Efo assaulted him mercilessly.

According to the report, the police officer drove carelessly and Nearly caused the Taxi into Accident.

The taxi driver who nearly pushed into a ditch by this reckless driving Police Officer complained the Action of the officer saw himself beaten by the officer.

Fortunately, the police officer’s Gota (Motorola) fell into the Taxi without his notice at the time he was busily Beating the Taxi driver in the Taxi.

The police officer after realizing his Gota is missing returned to the Assaulted driver on his hospital bed threatening him to return the Gota otherwise, worse thing will happen.

The Police Officer who according to the report Drives the Divisional Commander reported the incident to his Colleagues to surround the residence of the Victim in demand of the Gota.

Currently, the victim has been picked from his hospital bed and he is now behind bars at the Ejisu Police Command.

The Family in an interview with Kingdom FM’s host Okogyeabour Ocran says they are planning to report the case to their lawyer for justice to be done.

Call Alex (Brother of the Victim) for details.


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Source: Kingdom FM Accra

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