Gifty Anti Replies Education Ministry PRO On Feminism Accusations

Gifty Anti and Kwasi Kwarteng

Gifty Anti Replies Education Ministry PRO On Feminism Accusations

Ghanaian media personality, Gifty Anti, has rejected accusations of perpetrating feminism that encouraged young women to stay away from marriage.

According to her, in all her advocacies on women empowerment, she has never downplayed the relevance of marriage or urged her fellow women to abandon their relationships.

Gifty Anti’s comments come in the wake of a recent Facebook post by the spokesperson of the Education Ministry, Kwasi Kwarteng, who accused her of destroying young women who listened to her feminism sermons in the past.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews, she explained that even though marriage is important, her emphasis has been that women should not see marriage as the ultimate indicator of success.

She said many women have been oriented to see marriage as what makes them complete; a view she insisted should be completely discarded.

“I dare anybody till today to bring a tape where I’ve said or somewhere I’ve written that marriage is not good [and] that I don’t want women to get married. What they will tell you is that, that is the perception they got. That’s the impression they got”, the ace broadcaster stressed.

“Consistently, I’ve talked about the fact that marriage is not what will make a woman achieve her goals or become somebody. You need to know who you are.

“And I’ve spoken in churches over and over again and told the young ladies that if you’re desperate for marriage, you’ll be desperate throughout the marriage. I’ve told them to prepare themselves to know who they are. To have their own identity before they get into marriage”, she added.

In his post on Wednesday, he said the former news anchor inspired her followers to shun marriage and focus on their careers; only to later do the opposite.

In Mr. Kwarteng’s view, this constitutes a ‘betrayal’ which Gifty must correct by teaching women to balance their career aspirations with other vital aspects of their lives.

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