Freeman Loses US$25 000 Car In An Accident

Freeman Loses US$25 000 Car In An Accident

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Popular Zimdancehall chanter Freeman was left counting losses after an unidentified person took and drove his car without permission and got involved in an accident.

He has since released a statement bemoaning the development before expressing that he sometimes feel like there are anti-progress spirits fighting him.

So apparently, after my show in Masvingo i went back to my hotel and i was with my cousin and his friend who had come from Beitbridge to attend our show. Because i was tired i just went straight to sleep since i wanted to wake Up early on time kuti tibate show yekuHarare and the guys weh playing Fifa in my Room.

Around 5am i woke up and went outside and found that my car was’nt there. I went back and called my cousin who was with me in my room to ask him what happened and he said he just left his friend in the car. We tried calling the friend’s phone and it was getting through but isiri kudairwa, He then answered after like 20 missed calls saying “Mkoma wangu ndiri pama1 im in shock i am kuroad inoenda kumasoja”. Ipapo ipapo we went ikoko and he was’nt picking up his phone again. We started roaming around tryina look for him and tamutsvaga manually coz he wasnt pickin again.

There were a couple of soldiers that were close by and they asked us if we were looking for a white Fortuner. It hit me that something terrible had happened. Then they led us to an accident scene and it was my cousin’s friend who had taken my car and got involved in an accident. The car was there, but he was’nt there. We started looking for him and found him like 200m from the scene sleeping in the bushes and he was injured not that bad We thank God he is alive .We rushed him to the hospital and he is in a stable condition tried asked him ko wauchiendepi nhai Owen? He could not espond because kwacho kwazvaitikira its out of town in a Dust road.

Sometimes ndofeeler sendomiswa nemweya yemadzinza. But God is for us all. We plan but God decides. We thank God no life was lost.

Takutotsvaga mota yekuenda to our next show in Harare Gardens maskati ano.

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