Coconut water: 5 Health benefits you may not know

Coconut water: 5 Health benefits you may not know

While sports drinks may be high in added sugars and flavours, coconut water offers a better alternative with low calories and important micronutrients

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Coconut water: Five health benefits you may not know

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Coconut water is a very nutritious drink. The liquid found in the centre of a young, green coconut helps to nourish the fruit. As the coconut grows, which takes around 10–12 months for it to mature, some of the liquid remains while the rest ripens into the fruit. Coconut water is often referred to as the fluid of life. However, the drink is more than just a naturally sweet refresher. It contains a number of essential nutrients, including minerals that are necessary for our body. Coconut water is known to be low in calories and usually does not contain any fat.

Here are five benefits of coconut water that you should know:

1. Good post-workout drink: Sports drinks are high in added sugars and flavours. While coconut water is like a sports drink, it is very low in calories and carbohydrates. It is even free from additives. Coconut water is an elixir of electrolytes. These are minerals with an electrical charge and are essential for different body functions.

2. Keeps your heart healthy: Coconut water may play an integral role in preventing heart diseases. It helps to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and maintain good heart health because it contains high potassium levels. Additionally, coconut water also helps in increasing good cholesterol levels, which in turn helps to decrease the risk of various heart diseases.

3. Helps in reducing chronic inflammation: When your body experiences high levels of inflammation over a period of time, it may cause chronic diseases and cognitive decline. Consuming products that are rich in antioxidants, like coconut water, helps in mitigating the risk.

4. Helps in the prevention of kidney stones: Coconut water helps to prevent kidney stone formation when taken in moderate quantities. Among other benefits of coconut water, it may also help flush out chlorine and citrate in the form of urine.

5. Helps in weight loss: Coconut water aids in weight loss. It helps to hydrate your body. Many of us confuse thirst for hunger and tend to overeat. Drinking coconut water in such situations helps as it is low in calories.

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