‘I will Change NDC Approach Towards elections’ – National Organizer Hopeful

‘I will Change NDC Approach Towards elections’ – National Organizer Hopeful

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) deputy Organizer in charge of operations, Mr. Mahdi Gibrill Mohammed, who is seeking to become the National Organizer, is hopeful his achievements and continuous hard work in the party, over the past four years, will earn him the coveted position.

Mr. Mahdi Gibrill Mohammed is positive his successes will inch him up to the substantive position to change his party’s approach towards elections for victory in the coming 2024 election.

The deputy Organizer speaking in an Interview with Kaakyire Kwasi Afari, he has however indicates that, election misfortunes or defeat can’t be unleashed on the electoral commission or any other institution responsible for elections.

“Going into elections, institutions shouldn’t be a challenge….if you understand the position of the EC then you have a strategy towards it. It’s like going into a football match, if you don’t believe in the referee you don’t set offside traps” he said this in Koforidua.

According to Mr. Mahdi Gibrill, any political party that wins general election did so based on the ‘science and data’ available therefore, he has charged the NDC to back their Elections on Science and Data.

“Electorial issues is about security, it’s about research, it’s about Science and Data and I believe in these understanding that’s why I’m contesting for the national organizer position to change NDC approach towards election that will give us victory” he stressed.

He told Kaakyire Kwasi Afari, a journalist that, the political victory demands that party agents or election observers are taken through proper training on credentials of electoral processes to distinguish them from being cheated or bullied by their opponents.

The National Organizer hopeful says NDC poor strategic approach towards elections is the cause of their defeat, adding that, the NDC failed to protect the outcome of the elections.

“you can initiate protection system to secure your votes. Once you’re able to protect your votes no body in the world can change your results….NDC’s problem is not about NPP claims of breaking the 8, but, it’s NDC lack of approaching elections with strategy” he said.

However, he has charged the delegates of the National Democratic Congress to eschew selling of their votes for money and elect competent executives who would devote their time and resources for the party in order to recapture political power in 2024.

Mr. Gibrill also cautioned all aspirants against bickering and attacking one another, saying that creates unhealthy relationships in the party and sends a wrong signal to the general public.

He, therefore, called on candidates using rough tactics to rather concentrate on publicizing what they would offer the electorate, adding that, after all, when anyone of them won the contest, they would still be one in the party and, for that reason, the rest would have to forge ahead and help the winner retain power in 2024 election.

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By: Kaakyire Kwasi Afari, Koforidua

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