MAN D!es In An Alcohol Competition (VIDEO)

MAN D!es In An Alcohol Competition (VIDEO)

‘How it all started’ in Kasoa(Complete Video Footage)

Alcohol is an important drink that plays a lot of role especially during festivals, naming ceremonies, libations, funerals and all kinds of gathering but too much consumption of alcohol is bad and can lead you earlier to your grave.

In a video sighted by, a man who took too much alcohol finally lost his life.

According to the report, the incident took place in a rural area where the man is known for excessive drinking of alcohol.

However, he had his last drink of alcohol when he bragged he could drink any quantity of alcohol without getting sick

Friends who were around challenged that he would be paid some huge sum of money if he could finish a bottle of local alcohol.

He accepted the challenge and drank the bottle full of alcohol but could not stand the test of time.

The once strong man begun vomiting in the drinking spot after some minutes and the sad news was announced later.

He lost his life and was buried while alcohol was poured on his grave as their custom demanded.

Sorry, he drank alcohol into his grave.

Kindly watch the video below.



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