I Promise to Offer Myself Alternative Contest of Ideas to shape Ashanti NDC Beyond 2024 Election – SirPiero

I Promise to Offer Myself Alternative Contest of Ideas to shape Ashanti NDC Beyond 2024 Election – SirPiero

Good Afternoon ,Snr Comrades and my colleagues, i wish to officially inform the house that today, 13th October, 2024 around 11:20am in the morning, I successfully submitted *my duly filled and endorsed forms to the Ashanti Regional Elections Director Mr Abofra at the Regional office*.
As characteristic of me ,I did on a quite note.

I take the opportunity to solemnly pledge that I as a lover of constructive & Policy oriented Politics ; my campaign shall be devoid of insults , religious ,tribal or sectional centred messages. I promise to engage in a contest of sustainable but alternative ideas/Policies which shall help shape Ashanti region NDC beyond Elections 2024.

I hope to engage You more in your various Constituencies and in any other means possible in the coming days .

To my colleague compatriots ,as we engage and interract with the 47 constituency Executives ,let’s all be guided by this Akan adage .*s3 woop3 nnam awe ,nna wo twa wot3kyer3mma wea ,nna wo nwee nnam papa bia* To wit ,in our guest to satisfy our hunger ,if one cuts off his/her tongue to eat ,the person hasn’t eaten any better off meat . So let’s all be mindful the contest is just an opportunity to offer our 47 Constituency Executives the choice to select a team to lead the party. Whatever venom we have should be poured rather on Nana Addo/Bawumiah led NPP government. We should rather marshal all our legitimate forces , strengths and whatever means possible we have to drive them from the Jubilee House but not to dirty and smear ourselves during this stage in our Political history.

Finally ,I wish every Aspirant the best of luck and may the best candidate be crown by the Delegates with the responsibility of serving the mother party in the region.


Hon Peter Aboagye
aka Sir Piero
Incoming Ashanti Regional Deputy Secretary

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