6 foods that will make your Kidney healthier

6 foods that will make your Kidney healthier

Unhealthy kidneys may lead to serious conditions like stroke and even heart attacks.

Kidneys are responsible for removing toxins from your body and maintaining a proper balance between salt and minerals.

They also produce hormones that regulate blood pressure and control the production of red blood cells.

When they are not functioning properly, it can lead to a couple of complications that can cause adverse effects on your overall health and rise of other serious conditions like stroke or even heart attacks.

Kidneys also regulate the pH and potassium levels in your body and are also responsible for activating a form of vitamin D that helps your body absorb calcium for building bones and regulating muscle function.

“Learn which foods are high in potassium and which are low. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering excess potassium out of your body. When they are not functioning well, they will not filter potassium properly,” Nanyuki-based nutritionist Wincate Wangari told the Star on Monday.

“Maintaining kidney health is important to your overall health and general well-being. They say you are whatever you eat, minding what you eat could have a positive or negative impact on your overall health,” she said.

Here are foods that can positively improve the health and functioning capacity of your kidney as listed by Wangari.


Hydrating should be the number one rule if you want your kidneys to be healthy.

Exactly how much water you need depends largely on your health and lifestyle but purpose to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters in a day.

“Your kidneys use water to filter toxins out your body through your urine. Water also helps to keep you blood vessels open for easy transportation of nutrients. If you are dehydrated, it makes it hard for the system to work properly,” Wangari said.


Berries Image: Pixabay
Strawberries and blueberries

Including dark berries like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries which are a great source of antioxidants and powerful nutrients can be a step in promoting good kidney health.

They are also low in sodium, phosphorus and potassium making them kidney-friendly.

Egg white

Egg white Image: macheesmo
Egg whites, not egg yolks

Wangari said eggs, unlike beef, are a simple protein that your kidneys will appreciate.

“Eat the egg whites but not the yolks since yolks are high in phosphorus. You can make an omelet or scrambled egg using the egg white and season with garlic instead of salt,” Wangari said.

She advised people with chronic kidney disease to eat just enough eggs, but not to take them in excess.

Olive oil.

Olive oil.
Replace vegetable oil with Olive oil

Olive oil may be the best cooking oil because of the type of fat that it contains.

According to Wangari, olive oil is the best due to its capability to reduce inflammation in the body.

Olive oil is also good for people with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.


Salmon is rich in omega3 fatty acids which can help reduce inflammation in the body.

It is also a good source of protein, minerals and vitamin D.

Wangari, however, warned that it is also naturally high in potassium and phosphorus, so people living with CKD should not go overboard with portion sizes.

Cabbage and cauliflower

Cabbage and cauliflower Image: pixabay
Cabbage and cauliflower

Cabbage and cauliflower are less acidic and therefore lessen the stress and pressure on your kidneys.

They are also packed with vitamin C, folate and fiber which can help ward off toxins. They are also low in sodium and potassium.

“The foods are a great choice for those following a renal diet. However, remember to always discuss your food choices with your healthcare provider to ensure that you are following the best diet for your individual needs,” Wangari advised.

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