Climate is no more the same – Mr. Kareweh

Climate is no more the same – Mr. Kareweh

In an exclusive interview with the General Secretary of General Agricultural Workers Union, Mr. Edward Kareweh by Yonkopa fm said that, the climate conditions has really changed.

According to him, the climate as we used to know is no more the same, and Climate Change is not the same as Weather change because weather change is for a short term Whiles, climate change take a long term.

He continued by saying that, Agriculture is all about land and water, because without these two, there can not be Agriculture but in Ghana, farmers depend mostly on the rain pattern and the rain pattern too has changed.


Mr. Edward said, most of the people attribute the change in rain pattern to superstitious believe like, the gods are angry and other stuff.

Again, he said that , human activities like, Bush burning, Galamsey and other activities destroys the climate.


He advised farmers to stop Bush burning, deforestation and farming at River banks and rather use manure to chemical manufactured fertiliser.

Mr. Edward said government should invest more into research institutions to help in agricultural research.

Filed by: MARY BEMPAH(Yonkopa FM)

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