Interesting: 16-Year-Old Pupil’s Love Letter To His Madam Causes Stir

Interesting: 16-Year-Old Pupil’s Love Letter To His Madam Causes Stir

It appeared all is not well in one school as a student landed himself in trouble after sending a love message to his female teacher.

According to report, 16-year old pupil of Mukatasha Secondary School in Lusaka has sent shockwaves after it emerged earlier today that he had made a marriage proposal to his 26 year old attractive new teacher.

During a class assignment yesterday, David Tembo slipped a love letter in the page of his assignment exercise book. He had already informed his two friends of the act and everyone was waiting for the reaction of their teacher.

But when the teacher Moria Chileshe emerged, David failed to find the same courage he had when fighting Goliath to tell his teacher crush in front of his friends but instead, slipped the note through the exercise book due for marking.

During lunch, while working on the pupils’ assignments, the teacher saw and read the love letter.

When she returned a while later, she summoned David and told him to follow her to the staff room. All his classmates concluded that their colleague was in hot soup.

She quickly reported the matter to the Grade Teacher who equally reported the matter to the Guidance Teacher then to the HOD before the Head Teacher as and the Deputy got wind of it.

The new teacher is engaged to a Police officer and their wedding is set for next year. The young teacher was reportedly crying as she couldn’t understand why her pupil could propose her for marriage.

The matter will be tabled by the School Disciplinary Committee.

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