10 sentences even stronger than “I Love You”

10 sentences even stronger than “I Love You”

The most beautiful declarations

In a couple, we always remember the first time the other said “I love you”. It is true that these 3 little words often put us in all our states …

And yet, there are sentences even stronger, touching, and heavy with meaning than “I love you”. Here are 10.

“You can always count on me”

Because meeting someone who loves us and who loves having a good time with us is good. But running into someone who stays by our side in bad times, and who is always ready to support us and back us up when the going gets tough, it’s rare.

“Ok, we’re moving”

When someone loves us to the point of agreeing to leave their apartment, their city, their family, their friends, their comforts and all their habits just for us, it is a declaration of love that is worth all the “I”. love you ”from the world, right?

” Do not change “

It is well known: when you’re a girl, you would always like to be more this, less that, … This little sentence, by which our partner shows that he loves our qualities as much as our faults and that we like him as that we are, therefore has plenty to reassure us and give us confidence.

“Want the latest Oreo?” “

When, in the evening, we are on the sofa nibbling cookies, and that Monsieur chivalrously offers us the last Oreo in the package when he is as fond of it as we are, we tell ourselves that his feelings for us must really be concrete!

“With you, nothing is boring”

This little phrase is really a superb compliment: it means that our personality is so remarkable that with us, the smallest mundane little thing of everyday life becomes unbelievably awesome straight away. After that, we just have the impression of being the queen of the world!


“I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you”

This is the declaration of love that makes a simple “I love you” bland!

“You changed me for the better”

Before, Darling was a bit of a misleading serial player. But since we’ve been here, we’ve given him a taste for loyalty, and thanks to us he even knows how to cook something other than carbo pasta, and got the promotion he coveted at work. And when he thanks us and shows us his gratitude, we appreciate it!

“If you have cold feet you can put them on mine”

Frankly, when we get into bed at night with our feet like ice cubes, this sentence gives us a billion times more pleasure than a little “I love you” right?

“The children? With you, why not … “

When you’re in a relationship with a man who was fiercely opposed to the idea of ​​procreating, but that he makes us understand that with us, he wants to try the adventure, there is something to feel moved. . and lucky! And in addition, that means that with us, he has a vision in the very long term!

” Would you marry me? “

So this one, she simply checks and mates the “I love you”. Because by pronouncing it, our partner declares to us purely and simply that he will love us, and all his life!

Ohk we said 10 buh let’s add one more;

11. “I have sent you something”/”Cash in received”

When you receive this statement out of the blue during the day, is the best feeling ever or When you when receive the Mobile Money alert on a hot day. What else can beat the feeling.

See you next time.


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