3 passengers including a woman arrested for allegedly transporting “weed” (VIDEO)

3 passengers including a woman arrested for allegedly transporting “weed” (VIDEO)

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Asante Akim south Divisional police petrol team from Juaso, yesterday, the 30th of September, 2022 allegedly grabbed suspects of three passengers traveling from Accra to Kumasi of a suspected bad substance (weed) around a town called Duaponpo.

The police petrol in Juaso had an alarm of some unknown personnels carrying weed on Accra-Kumasi road in a red Sprinter bus.

The information prompted the police to be extra vigilant on the road by stopping and checking every vehicle on the road.

Three people were arrested and handcuffed including a female.

The police saw samples of the tied ‘weed’ in a white rubber.

According to the driver and his mate, there were no such substance when they were loading passengers luggages.

They were shock to seeing the substance.

The police have therefore advised passengers to be mindful of who sits beside them or who they sit beside in a commercial vehicles in order to avoid unfortunate detention in such situations.

They police also entreated drivers to thoroughly inspect all luggages before setting off their journey.

The three are currently in the custody of the police to assist in investigation.

Watch video of the incident below.

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Source: Ebenezer Twumasi(OSTV)

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