Teachers, students ‘sh!t’ together in the bush due to lack of toilet facility

Teachers, students ‘sh!t’ together in the bush due to lack of toilet facility

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Teachers and students of the Tebeso number 1 D/ A Primary school resort to easing themselves in the bush due to lack of toilet facility in the school.

A visit to the school by this reporter saw both the teachers and students who in turn visit the bush when there’s a nature’s call.

Some students and teachers speaking to this reporter revealed how the situation has been affecting their academic works.

“As a teacher, if you’re teaching and there’s a nature’s call, you have to quickly put down your tools and run to the bush. Some also have to rush home for similar purpose and it’s very worrying”. A teacher lamented.

Some students who spoke to this reporter sadly revealed how they are usually attack by snakes whenever they visit the bush for a nature’s call.

An investigation revealed that a pit which was digged in the school about three(3) years ago for a toilet facility has now become a death trap.

According to the teachers and students, the situation which has persisted for a very long, compel them to use bushes as a place of convenience.

Some students and teachers who spoke to Ghanaweb revealed that a toilet project which started about four years ago has now become a death trap as the manhole digged for that purpose has been left to rot. They revealed that despite their several calls on the authorities, the problem has still not been solved.

A visit to the school by Ghanaweb saw a death trap pit that had been covered with bushes. Some students were however seen moving ‘to and fro’ from the bush to ease themselves.

Some teachers speaking to Ghanaweb on condition of anonymity said, both teachers and students use the bushes whenever they want to ease themselves.

Meanwhile, some of the school pupils told this reporter that they usually meet snakes on their ways to the bushes. They have therefore made a passionate appeal to the government, the district assembly and the other stakeholders to as matter of urgency come to their aid before things get out of hand.

Mr Kwaning Prince, headmaster of the school speaking reacting to drama said, several appeals and letters which have been sent to the necessary quarters has seen no positive result.

Speaking to the assembly of the area, Mr. Amoako, he said his fight for this course has given him an enemy tag at the district assembly.

Call the following numbers for more:

0553011107 – Hon. Amoako Mensah (Assemblyman)

0246554827 – Headmaster, Mr. Kwaning Prince

0547277789 – Hon. Yaw Danso, DCE

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