A/R: The Fight Against Sanitation Seems To Have Lost – Damak Sanitation Health Watch Assesses

A/R: The Fight Against Sanitation Seems To Have Lost – Damak Sanitation Health Watch Assesses

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A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) on Sanitation, Damak Sanitation Health Watch-Ghana says the fight against sanitation management in the Ashanti Region seems to have lost.

The group revealed this to the press on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 in the Greater Kumasi of the Ashanti Region during their maiden press statement on Sanitation management in the region.

According to the group, the numerous measures laid down by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Simon Osei Mensah to fighting against poor sanitation in the region are not yielding the necessary results as filth engulfs parts of the region especially in the Greater Kumasi.

Read Their Full Statement Below.



It seems that Greater Kumasi has lost its fight against poor sanitation after several measures were put in place by the Regional Minister Hon, Simon Osei Mensah in his quest to confront the situation.

The Regional Minister and his abled government hierarchy initiated what critics will say wasteful efforts to keep the city clean and green as they invested millions of Ghana cedis yet the city sanitation situation is getting worse by the day.

“Keep the City Clean and Green project was launched and subsequently inaugurated by Sanitation Taskforce to prosecute people who indiscriminately dispose of waste…but the ideal agenda was suddenly dashed into the very choked gutters aimed at cleaning.

The Greater Kumasi, Ashanti Region for that matter is still on scroll-wheel struggling to rekindle the Garden City glory yet, the overwhelming “takeover” of waste causes flooding all over the place at the slightest rainfall in the glare of the managers of the city, has been a major concern to the region.

“City authorities, the Regional Minister, have woefully failed to protect and keep the city clean”.

However, indiscipline, corruption, and compromisation of the laws to work effectively have significantly contributed to our failure to implement reliable and strict measures toward fixing the sanitation sector.

Damak Sanitation Health in our quest to identify the contributory factors to the problem, we have realized that households are contributing largely to indiscriminate waste disposal in Greater Kumasi.

Their indiscriminate activities are believed to negative effect on all of us in the region… the “Aboboya” waste collectors were our instrument of findings and they told the Damak Sanitation team that, the waste they collect is largely human excrement.

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Stressing, ” In most of the areas, we refuse to accept black polythene bags because 8 out of 10 are feces and when it happens like that the households end up dumping them in the gutters.”

It wasn’t quite long before it was widely publicized in our communities how house owners without toilet facilities would be prosecuted. Much of this campaign was focused on Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi of which 8-Municipal Assemblies were selected focusing on increasing access to improved sanitation and improved water in the Ejisu, Asokwa, Oforikrom, Kwadaso, Suame, Asokore-Mampong, Bantama, Old Tafo, and Kumasi Metropolis.

However, these Municipals have been identified to be the hot spot of indiscriminate disposal of faecal in gutters due to a lack of household toilet facilities.

The attitude of creating and sharing among leaders anytime a task is given to be executed is a challenge withholding the development of the country.

The World Bank Funded the GAMA Project in 2015 aimed at increasing access to improved sanitation and water supply in GAMA and GKMA targeting 30,000 households with an amount of 275 million United State Dollars pumped into it earmarked at providing toilet facilities to the various municipals.

In this project, when diligently and transparently executed, the problem of Sanitation and water supply would have been a thing of the past.

We as an organization are worried about how the Ministry of Sanitation and leaders of the GAMA Sanitation Project have woefully failed to enforce the by-laws associated with the project to deal with households that failed to comply with the Ministry’s directives.

Damak Sanitation Health Watch can say with authority that the GKMA Project is figuratively accurate but the situation on the ground in regards to physical toilet facilities constructed is a fantasy.

Damak sanitation health watch on its recent health watch tour has discovered an evidence-based pile-refuse that has been living with residents in several communities that threatens health risks.


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Benjamin Barnabas Asalimba (Secretary)

Tel. +233243358644

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