If you are suffering from these illnesses, eat Guava seeds

If you are suffering from these illnesses, eat Guava seeds

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The guava tree has nutritious leaves, fruit, and seeds. Extracts from guava leaves have been shown to help treat a number of diseases and symptoms. Examine the information carefully for the best results, figuring out where you need or want to follow up and doing so.

People often think that eating guava seeds will give them appendicitis. As long as you don’t eat too many, guava seeds don’t have any serious side effects. According to the study, the number of appendectomy patients who got acute appendicitis from flowers is pretty low.

When chewed or eaten whole, guava seeds help you go to the bathroom. They’re one of the healthiest foods you can buy. People who eat guava seeds every day no longer have problems with constipation. There are a lot of antioxidants, fiber, and potassium in the seeds.

Chemicals in guava seeds help lower LDL cholesterol, which is a bad lipid that raises the risk of heart disease. Vitamin C is found in both the guava and its seeds. Your immune system can stay healthy if you eat a guava every day. It keeps us from getting sick and catching infections.

When guava seeds are put on the skin, they can help with acne and black spots. It’s a good idea to dry guava seeds and grind them into powder. Apply to the face before going to bed. It can be used to treat pimples, acne, and dark spots. When put on the hair, it also gets rid of dandruff and makes hair grow quickly.

High blood pressure, or HBP, is a condition in which the blood pressure is too high (HBP)

If the normal rate of blood flow goes up or down, this could be dangerous. If your blood pressure is low, you should see a doctor right away. You can also eat guava seeds, which are high in potassium and antioxidants.


Grease is often a big part of fast food meals, which can cause stomach problems. If you want to stay regular, you should eat a lot of fiber. One of them is guava seeds, which can help with fat burning and digestion.


Diabetes is a health problem that affects millions of people all over the world. The worst thing about diabetes is that there is no cure, so you can only control it. If you have diabetes, you need to live in a healthy way.

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