Wonder herb: Boil Bay Leaf for 10 mins, add lemon… drink to cure these dangerous diseases

Wonder herb: Boil Bay Leaf for 10 mins, add lemon… drink to cure these dangerous diseases

You might have probably seen and used bay leaves before (especially if you are a cook) but maybe you did not know it is called Bay leaves.

Simply put, Bay leaves are those small leaves which are added to stews, Jollofs, and soups for seasoning.

In a typical African kitchen, they serve as the secret ingredient for aromatic purposes.

But are you aware that, aside from their aromatic nature, the leaves are also nutritious?

Bay leaves are composed of vitamins, minerals, and also inherits antioxidants effects which makes them effective in dealing with so many diseases.

Today we will look at how to cure 5 dangerous by drinking just boiled bay leaves juiced with lemon.

To make the bay leaf tea, cut one lemon into equal halves and boil along with 3 or 4 bay leaves.

You can serve it cool or warm.

Bekow Are Benefits Of Drinking Bay Leaf Juice

As stated earlier, the leaves contain in it several important supplements which give it impressive benefits. The tea can be used as ailments for:

1. Preventing Cancer:

Bay leaves is known to composite anticancer properties which can help to put cancer at a distant. It does that by fighting the bad

2. Prevent Diabetes:

People who drink this tea are at lower risk of diabetes. Examinations have shown that the leaves can help manage sugar levels, hence battling diabetes.

3. Migraine:

Drinking a cup of the tea is promised to keep migraines or headaches away.

4. Speeds digestion:

Bay leaf is also known to speed up the digestion process by helping in protein and fats conversion.

5. Kidney stones:

Animal examinations have proven that the leaf is very promising especially in handling kidney problems.


Aside from the above points, the tea can also aid in improving cognitive function and wound healing as well. Also, there are over 50 remedies of bay leaves for the skin and hair as well.

Thank you so much.

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