3 Spiritual Benefits Of Rain Water And How To Use It

3 Spiritual Benefits Of Rain Water And How To Use It

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Undoubtedly there is a time and Season for everything under the sun.

I hope you are aware that we are in the rainy season and there is something we can do with the rain water.

Please remember that;

1. In the book of Genesis God used Rainwater to wipe out everything on the earth. Deduction from the foregoing suggests that rainwater can be used as a spiritual weapon for destruction.

On a similar note, you can use it as a weapon by adding salt to it, pray over it for some few minutes and after that sprinkle it on any area of your choice.

It will drive away every spirits that torment you in the night time.

2: Favor is something everyone needs in life.

Just wash your face with rainwater first thing in the morning before talking to anyone.

Alternatively, take an early morning walk in a bushy area.

With your hand with with the droplets of rain on the leaves and wash your face with it.

You will thank me later.

How to fetch rain water

Get a plastic bowl(Silver bowl not recommended)

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