Ghana’s galamsey problem far beyond Aisha Huang’s case – Vladimir Antwi-Danso

Ghana’s galamsey problem far beyond Aisha Huang’s case – Vladimir Antwi-Danso

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Dean of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Professor Vladimir Antwi Danso is skeptical about suggestions that going after ‘galamsey’ queen, Aisha Huang will completely solve the country’s challenges of illegal mining.

He says there are many other actors including political ones also behind the practice and must be exposed and dealt with, if Ghana so desires to eradicate the menace for good.

Prof. Antwi Danso was commenting on the return and re-arrest of Aisha Huang over galamsey offences on ‘The Big Issue‘ on Citi TV.

“My personal view is that, Aisha has gotten some bigwigs in the country on whom she is relying. I am very happy that, the Attorney General has taken up the matter. Let us test the waters and prosecute Aisha Huang. Let’s try her with our laws”, he suggested.

The security analyst was however quick to add that security at the country’s various point of entry must be intensified.

This he says will prevent deported such as Aisha Huang from entering the country.

“We should be more vigilant so that miscreants like Aisha Huang do not find it enterprising to enter Ghana. In other places, Artificial Intelligence is used for bother patrols. These are some of the things we should be thinking.”

The Chinese who was deported in 2018 is currently in police custody for illegally returning to the country and engaging in illegal mining activities.

While, hailing the Attorney General’s moves to take over Aisha Huang’s case, Professor Antwi Danso said although the prosecution of Aisha Huang will send positive signals, government must tackle the menace more seriously by dealing with the recalcitrants.

“Can we go further by hardening of resolve to stop or minimize the effects of galamsey by trying to get those big fishes behind galamsey? That is what we fear in our part of the world but we must get some of these persons behind bars . We need to go a little further.

He further added that the country’s security system cannot be blamed entirely for the deportee’s return as she may have bribed her way into the country.

“There is not a single country in this world that has its security so firmed up. So this doesn’t mean our security is porous or bad. We are told she came through unapproved route too what we need to do. It is like she bribed her way through. She couldn’t have come in without bribing some officials to lead her and not blame immigration or whoever.”

“The gatekeepers can only keep where there are openings so that is what we must be thinking about because it doesn’t speak so much ill about our security architecture.”, Prof. Antwi Danso said.

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