13 Symptoms That Show You May Have Excess Sugar In Your Urine

13 Symptoms That Show You May Have Excess Sugar In Your Urine

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When sugar, otherwise known as glucose, is present in the urine, it is usually at very low levels. When it tends to get abnormally higher than usual, it can lead to a few medical problems in the body system.

When it is in high amounts, it is called glycosuria, which can result in high blood sugar levels or diabetes.

There are certain symptoms to take note of if you are suffering from excess sugar in the urine, which I will be gladly sharing in this article. Kindly stay tuned. Normal symptoms that come with sugar in the urine are also advanced symptoms that can lead to severe health conditions.

Normal symptoms include:

Abundant Hunger


Increased Thirst

Unknown cause of weight los


Excessive urination

The sensation of tingling in the hands or feet

Vision loss or changes

Infections that occur frequently

It smells sweet.

Advanced symptoms of severe conditions may include:

Chest discomfort


A change in one’s level of consciousness or alertness (for example, passing out or becoming unresponsive).

When you notice the advanced symptoms, you should visit a doctor immediately. Once you notice these symptoms, if there are foods, you should reduce their intake to a minimum because they could worsen the situation.

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