Increase Your Tiger Nuts Consumption Before Bedtime For These Reasons

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Increase Your Tiger Nuts Consumption Before Bedtime For These Reasons

Did you know that tiger nuts are known as nutsedge, chufa, earth almond and nutgrass? Now you do, it has three main varieties, brown, black and yellow. Tiger nuts can be eaten in different forms, some individuals prefer them fresh, boiled, roasted, dried, or juiced. It will shock you to know that tiger nuts have been treated as weeds in some parts of the world. This article will focus on the health benefits of tiger nuts.

Benefits of Tiger Nuts

To treat erectile dysfunction and boost libido

According to research, tiger nuts contain a high level of arginine and omega 3 which helps in the free flow of blood from the heart through the arteries to the penis. This helps erection to be turgid, last longer, perform better and boost libido without medication.

Helps with allergy

Tiger nuts extracts have antibacterial properties. Tiger nuts can help you manage your allergy by replacing food that contains common allergens with tiger nuts. For example, tiger nuts flour is a gluten-free alternative flour containing wheat. Tiger nuts again are alternative milk to cow milk, which contains lactose.

Boost the immune system

Tiger nuts gave the ability to fight infections, especially bacterial infections and due to this fact it boosts the immune system. According to research, consuming these nuts or adding them to your diet is a way to assist your immune system fight against harmful disease-causing bacteria.

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