The Effect Of Eating Fish On Sperm Count

The Effect Of Eating Fish On Sperm Count

Tobacco use and alcohol consumption are two things you should definitely avoid if you want to increase sperm count. Many men do not understand, nevertheless, that their food can also impact their fertility. The male reproductive system is negatively impacted by processed pork products like bacon and sausages.

You and your partner likely already are aware of the numerous benefits of a healthy diet. However, eating some foods may help his sperm count and quality. You’re less likely to experience pregnancy difficulties if your partner’s sperm are in better health.

What is the effect of fish on sperm count?

Men who routinely consume fish have better sperm counts and are more fertile, claims Medicalnewstoday. Due to their high of omega-3 fatty acids, fish may have advantages for the health of sperm. Men with low sperm counts benefit from regularly consuming fatty fish.

Among the top ten vitamins and supplements for boosting sperm count are omega 3s. They are crucial to the structure and development of all cells, sperm cells. Consuming omega 3s can aid to increase sperm count, morphology, and motility.

A Harvard University study found that males who had more than one dish of fatty fish while undergoing reproductive treatments had semen of greater quality. The team examined 156 individuals’ sperm samples and compared them to each volunteer’s food intake as recorded on a food intake questionnaire. Less concentrated and differently shaped sperm were found in processed meat.

According to a different study, males who consume more fatty fish had a significant 65% increase in sperm production. Furthermore, because the results are nearly instantaneous, what you decide to eat for lunch may pay off by the time you try the evening’s few desserts.

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